4 Springs is fishing well

The Spring weather is still a bit blustery at times however the water temp is
rising to required temperature to get "Dun" hatches at several waters as follows:

4 Springs is firing well with good strong hatches daily even is sunny conditions.
Tooms has started to produce a hatch and will only get better over the next weeks.

Woods Lake is still the standout water but the hatches are only just starting.
This water will be the place to go later this month.

Bronte and the others nearby are reaching temperature but are a bit fickle yet.
All the lowland rivers are starting to produce hatches but have been subject to
heavy flows lately so you will need to watch the water levels if you want fish rivers.

These are the best bets so far but it will not be long before the rest start to have dun hatches as well.

Midge fishing is great now if you can find them - so get a guide to help.

The fish in Little Pine are still tailing each day but you need a calm morning to find them.

Arthurs is fishing poorly so far but will improve over Nov so be there in a few weeks time.

Good luck with the fishes.