4 Springs is providing great mayfly hatche

Spring weather is as usual really windy with cold fronts moving through every few days.

The good news is that 4 Springs is providing some great mayfly hatches even on bright days and the trout are big bruising fish in really good condition.
So anyone who can get to this water will be in for a fun day especially if it is calm and overcast.

Tooms Lake is not really firing yet but it will be one of the better waters in Nov when the water temp gets to 14 deg and the mayfly hatch.
There appears to be fewer fish here than past years but the fish being caught are in very good condition.
If you can find a calm day here you will find good midge hatches as well and the rainbows will be feeding on top.

Woods Lake is for us the standout water so far with plenty of big browns available and even first time novices are able to catch 1 or more on their first day.
We are still fishing wet flies with plenty of success however the water temp is slowly getting up to 10 and 11 deg and I expect to see duns there during mid to late Nov.

Little Pine is still a water to fish in any calm days however you need to go there when it is suitable as it is hard fishing during windy weather.

The 19 Lagoons are also worth a fish now but also require better weather than we have been getting.

Lake Leake is providing some really good rainbows but the browns are still putting on weight.
This water is worth a visit if the weather is settled but the fishing can be hard on some days.

Look for midge hatches at all waters from now on especially early morning.

Good luck with the fishes.