Spring wet fly fishing Tasmania

The new Tasmanian trout fishing season opened on Sat the 6th of August 2011

Lots of rain so expect all rivers to be in flood for the next month or so which can be great if you can find the trout feeding over the paddocks.

With an abundance of water and most lakes full or overflowing we are expecting to see one of the best seasons for many years.

For those wanting to get in some early season fishing here are my top bets:

Fish the low altitude waters first such as Four Springs with its new 1000 adult fish just settling in there.
I have already heard of some very big fish being caught there.

Another is Tooms Lake which has also had 1000 adult fish added.
PS - I was at Tooms in mid August for 8 good rainbows over a few hours all on a wet fly.

Dont forget Lake Leake which can be sensational on the right day.
And the Chalet has reopened with a new owner who had updated it to a good standard.

For those who insist on going up to the Lakes you might try around the spawn creeks or patrol the shallows
polaroiding the shore feeders who will be there picking up grubs and worms in very shallow water.
The best lakes are Woods, Ltl Pine, Arthurs and Bronte Lagoon but Pine Tier is worth a quick look as well.

Bob McKinley
Fish Wild