Summer fly fishing in Tasmania

Summer fly fishing in Tasmania can be the biggest buzz of all time with sensational dry fly fishing available most days.

Arthurs is fishing extremely well and I recommend it for a small dun hatch on any day but especially on calm days with some cloud cover
You will also find good ant and midge hatches on most days.

Woods Lake is providing some dry fly hatch and with plenty of good fish available it is still a great destination.

Bronte and the other waters nearby are producing some hatches of duns on dull days and gum beetles on bright days. It is well worth a visit if the weather is right for them.

Midge fishing is great now if you can find them - Try Great Lake any calm moning at first light or so get a guide to help.

Little Pine is fishing well and some fish will take a gum beetle as well on a bright day.

The Western Lakes are the place to be now with good results on most waters - you will need a calmish day with plenty of sun to polaroid
or go there with cloud cover and experience the dun hatches.

Good luck with the fishes.