Woods Lake is still the standout water

Summer is finally here and we and finding several waters with good hatches on the right days.

Woods Lake is still the standout water with regular hatches. Some great fly fishing is going on at this water.

Bronte and the other waters nearby are producing regular hatches and well worth a visit if the weather is right for them.

However the Hydro are stuffing around with water levels and this is affecting the shore fishing but there is still a regular hatch there.

Midge fishing is great now if you can find them - so get a guide to help.

Little Pine is fishing well and some fish will take a gum beetle as well on a bright day.

The Western Lakes are the place to be from now on with good results on most waters.

Arthurs is fishing poorly so far and I cannot recommend it for a hatch but persistence will pay of and there are some midge bringing the fish up.

Good luck with the fishes.