Vernon & Zach Woods Lake

Hi Bob
Zach and I had a fantastic experience trout fly fishing for the first time in the central highlands of Tasmania. Your expertise and patience enabled at least Zack to land four magnificent brown trout . From driving through snow to fishing in crisp mountain air on this great lake and the thrill of the trout on the end of the line

WOW ! need to come back soon. This was Zack’s birthday and one he will remember for a long time and never let me forget I didn’t land mine. Always next time. - We highly recommend Fish wild Tasmania with Bob McKinley. Thanks Bob Zach and Vernon - August 2013.

Vernon & Zach Woods Lake

Snow Woods Lake RdZacs Wild brown troutWe had some interesting trips into Woods Lake this season.  This day was a cracker despite the snow on the way in there.

Vernon was generous enough to bring Zach (grandson) to Tasmania for his 15th birthday and they spent a day fly fishing for first time in the Central Highlands.

Amazingly Zach landed 4 good brow trout and Vernon got one to the boat - almost. A great day and fantastic effort Zach.

Happy birthday from Bob And Lyn in Hobart.



Matt and Will tried fly fishing for the first time at Woods Lake and thisWild Brown trout Woods
wild brown trout was the first to come to hand for the day.




Tall Ship

Several Tall ships stopped in Hobart for a week before setting off to Sydney for the naval centenary,

We spent a morning on the water getting video for a 1 hour documentary celebrating the arrival of trout eggs to Tasmania  150 years ago,

The actual anniversary is May 2014 but we hope to make it a year long celebration.

Peter & Anna Godfrey

Thanks for the wonderful day and for also sending the fly i caught the trout on too.
We both had a fantastic time, the tuition was excellent as we were both novices at fly fishing. We have really happy memories and had a wonderful time which we will look back on with fondness. Especially enjoyable was the four trout that Peter caught. We will definitely call you if we come back to Tasmania again.
Peter and Anna Godfrey.

Peter & Anna Godfrey

Peter and Anna from Townsville Qld. gave fly fishing a go for the first time in early August just after the start of the season and Peter was very happy to polaroid, cast to, hook, land and release four good brown trout on his first day fly fishing.  Anna was not so impressed when at least 3 good fish missed her fly but it was a sensational day and as this was their first go at fly fishing they all were impressed with the result.

Wild Brown trout    Brown trout Woods   Another brown trout   Wild brown trout Woods

Robs Big Rainbow trout      Robs Big Brown trout    Rob had his best trout trip ever in Tasmania.

          Apart from a number of trout at Arthurs Lake on Day one
          he caught these great fish on Day two.




                                                  Brown Trout

Wild Brown Trout


Colin took some superb wild brown trout during November.   

This is just one of several good trout taken on his Spring trip.   



Flame Robin Tasmania




  A Flame Robin at Woods Lake.






Adrian at Woods Lake



Adrian with a good brown trout from Woods Lake.   





Beckys first day fly fishing with a great brown trout on a fly



   On her first day fly fishing Becky managed to land this fine brown.




Alan landed this good brown at Woods Lake



Alan landed this fine brown trout at Woods Lake.   




David at Woods Lake




   David at Woods Lake on his annual visit.

   One of twenty to thirty trips he has made.







Ginny was very happy to land this sensational brown trout



Ginny was very happy to land this great brown at Woods.   









   Imamura came down from Japan with his wife and 2 daughters.

   This is one of many good trout he landed.







Ken Scott



Ken was thrilled to land and release this very big brown at Woods.   






Tony Cordin



   Tony visited from Sydney to catch and release this good fish.









Trong visited us from Melbourne and was pretty happy with this good brown trout.